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Hi, I’m Jim, I have been the proprietor of John Newall Smash Repairs since July 1988. We are a people’s  Repair Shop.

We have built our reputation on quality repairs and customer satisfaction to grow. Unlike other Repair shops where they chase the Insurance Companies for contracts to do the work because they just think of self  financial gain and not  customer importance and customer priority.


Our customers are the one’s who drive their cars and pay to maintain their cars, not the Insurance Companies.


Our Attention to have a good customer based and referral Smash Repairs has helped us to survive
the intimidation of Insurance Companies attempting to direct work to their signed contract repairers.


Our customers pay their Insurance Premium, it is our  customers right to choose their own repairer.

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John Newall Smash Repairs about us page will show you all about the man behind the brand that is John Newall Smash Repairs, South Windsor


For the Historic Enthusiast, especially the Ford Fan I served my Apprenticeship and later years with a Major Ford Dealership in Lidcombe.


Today I am able to use my wealth of knowledge and skill of the Ford Escort, Ford Cortina, The early Falcons along with the larger and smaller cars of that time.


Some people call me old school repairer, I say it is the old school repairers that taught me.

This is not about Trophies, nor is it about being a Trophy Hunter,

This is all about the accolation received for standard of work and representation.

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