Check out some of our award-winning classic car restorations

Escort Mk1 twin cam - restoration

I purchased This Escort Twin Cam from a previous owner in Queensland. The car was in terrible sad condition, it looked like being sit in a creek bed for many years. When I stripped it down, the floor was rusted so seriously that chassis was full of mud sediments.
The gallery does display the immense corrosion in its body. Please click the photo to check it out

Mk1 Cortina 4 Door - restoration 

This car was parked on the side of the road and was hit from behind and pushed a car length into the car parked in front of it. This car is a one Family car from new and is of very sentimental value. I was asked to save it and repair it. I managed to find some second hand parts which needed restoring before I could use them but the end result is the car is back on the road with very happy owners.
The gallery does display the immense corrosion in its body. Please click the photo to check it out

Gogo Carryall Van - restoration 

Gogo Carryall Van. This is one of only 17 Gogo Carryall Van's Manufactured in Australia. This is one of the surviving one's I was asked to restore the body and give it a full JNS respray. Having a love for car restoration I couldn't say no to this unique classic car resto. The odd shape of the GoGo Carryall Van had me hooked right away. The respray colours were chosen and then it was all systems go for a full classic restoration. 
The gallery does display the immense corrosion in its body. Please click the photo to check it out

Mk2 4 Door Rally Pack - restoration 

This was my own car which I bought because it is rare find to have a Factory Rally Pack basically still all intact and had never had a panel replacement done to it. This underwent a complete rotisserie restoration . Once again I was lucky to be rewarded several pictures of it in the English book “Factory Original  Sporting Mk2 Escorts”
The gallery does display the immense corrosion in its body. Please click the photo to check it out

Mk1 Cortina 2 Door - restoration 

This Cortina had a Mechanical Steering failure coming home from Small Ford Sunday in Melbourne and left the road and hit a tree stump causing severe damage and while repairing the accident we repaired older repairs all around the car.
The gallery does display the immense corrosion in its body. Please click the photo to check it out

Mk1 Escort - restoration 

This Ford Escort came in for a small front repair after hitting a Kangaroo.

Mk2  Escort Heater Bubble Rust Repair

This is a typical rust repair required on a Mk2 Escort and in sections of the front cabin floor where the water has sat in the carpet and firewall insulation.  We freshened up the whole engine bay with a new coat of paint as well.

Mk2  2 Door  GL Escort- restoration 

This Mk2 Escort is a one owner vehicle, it has undergone many repairs over time and as you will see through the Gallery after it was Glass Blasted to show the bare metal and many bad repairs. It was our job to return it to look as original and eliminate the rust and tidy the old repairs,weld the front guards back on as per factory. We also had to strip all the mechanical associated parts and repaint to a satin new look with a product called Por15. We replaced all the sealing and sound deadner matting. Fit a new headlining and some parts and return it home for the owner to do the remainder fit up assembly.

Mk1 Escort 4 Door- restoration 

This came into the workshop to be rescued in a way of tidying up the front repairs where the owner had done half cut remove and replace the front sections of the guards and front nose panel .I was asked to tidy up his repairs and paint the damaged are only. It went out of the workshop with a very happy owner.

Mk2 Lotus Cortina- restoration 

 Mk2 Lotus Cortina in the workshop to have the familiar Green stripe sprayed on after recently just arriving from the UK where it was purchased.
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