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Car Detailing And Cleaning | John Newall Smash Repairs | South Windsor


A car wash will make your car look clean but an auto detailing service from John Newall will make it look as if it just rolled out of the showroom.


Windsor car detailing

Windsor car detailing at it's best. Are you looking for a car detailing service? John Newell Smash Repairs will clean your car in record time and for the right price. Check it out our car detailing packages and call us today.

Vacuum and interior cleaning

Our team of professional car detailers are here and waiting to vacuum your car's interior and remove all traces of your daily driving.

With interior car detailing we wipe down the dashboard, the centre console, steering column, seat plastics and door trims. Weather protective armour all alongside a silicone finish will make it really shine.

Exterior car cleaning

a thorough interior clean is standard with all of our full car detailing packages. A Good wash with plenty of Suds in hand is what every car needs at least once a week. Being a paint specialist, if you do not wash your car at least once a week by hand you run the risk of Industrial fallout and acid rain becoming built-up on your cars exterior surfaces.

Usually after driving for a week or so the brake dust on your wheel rims, can build up quite significantly. A good car detailing once a week will remove all the brake dust as well leaving your wheels sparkling clean.

Buff and polish Automotive

Our superior car detailing service in Windsor has the town talking. No matter what service you want our vehicle detailers will provide it for you. We have the detailing experience and the know-how to improve the looks of your car significantly and we can make it all happen at extremely affordable rates.


Car Detailing And Cleaning | John Newall Smash Repairs | South Windsor

Car buffing and polishing are definitely something to consider if your car is left outside all the time. We don't suggest to heavily cut your car's paintwork but we do suggest a light buffing wax to help protect your cars refinish from the elements. John Newall's provides car polishing and buffing to all makes and models and all types of paintwork.



Auto Detailing by John Newall guarantees to make your car a head-turner. We have worked on many used cars in Windsor and have given them a brand-new identity with our specialized car detailing services.

Our range of car detailing services takes care of every area in your vehicle.

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